Monday, April 9, 2012

Winding my way back to this little spot. The wonderful thing about a hearth is this: once well tended, it roars along cheerily enough. You just have to add the occasional kindling, stir the soup

Today, I drink coffee in a house between places. Between a "civilized" neighborhood and green woods were foxes yip. Or are the coyotes? Birds of all sorts in the bright green leaves - gold finches, tit mice, cardinals; hawks and crows; wild geese and herons flying over. My house. My husband's house. Our house of art, and plants, growing animals and growing love.

Along with spiritual practice - a daily part of life and meditation - teaching grows stronger, particularly during these times of rest! I have a new program to start this summer. I will return to the UConn grove to learn all I'm able.

Recent news, and many thanks to these publications:
  • Poem accepted for a Static Movement anthology
  • Poem accepted for Phantom Kangaroo, issue 15
  • Poem accepted for Star*Line
Artists who now grace my walls:

Okay, back to coffee, water, snoring cats. Hopefully more sooner rather than later.

xo - A

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